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With this new Construction Project Log Book that task is made as simple as possible. The Daily Work Log pages let you keep a detailed record for each day. Construction Project Log Book Includes companion interactive PDF forms. Learn more Easily Comply With Project Record Requirements. Proper documentation. This hardcover log book is built to withstand constant use and keep your records safe and organised. Designed specifically for construction projects.

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Construction Project Log Book

Getting the books daily construction site record book construction supervisor daily log book jobsite project management report site book log subcontractors. This book is the simple tool for construction project documentation, featuring daily log pages, accident reports, safety checklists and more. With this new Construction Project Log Book that task is made as simple as Daily Work Log pages let you keep a detailed record for each day.

How to Make a Science Fair Project Journal By Alison Diefenderfer Record data properly by using a spiral-bound notebook, a pen and writing down all the details someone would need to replicate your project. All materials, data, experimental conditions and construction of apparatus and experiment must be recorded. Log dates, times, thoughts and observations of both the qualitative and quantitative variety. Write legibly but do not rewrite your logbook before your science fair competition. Include your logbook with your project display board, and keep your journal for the next school year in case you decide to continue your experiment. download your logbook before you do anything with your experiment. Remember to always write in pen, as pencil will smudge. Leave the first page blank so you can create a table of contents later. Number each subsequent page in your logbook. Start by logging your brainstorming sessions. Write the date at the top of the page and begin writing in complete sentences what ideas you have and what your hopes are for your experiment. End your first entry with how you made your decision and what your experiment will be. Use your logbook to next identify your hypothesis and independent and dependent variables.

When something seems unusual about the results, you can go back and quickly see if something was different in the preparative stages and then go to your logbook to see more details as necessary.

The perfect prep only has so many aliquots! Computer Filing Make folders for projects and use a standardized naming format.

Things start slowly as she learns the ropes and she stores the few new files on her desktop, noting their location. People e-mail articles and protocols and onto the desktop they go.

A few months go by, and the screensaver of a beach at sunset is covered with files. A colleague e-mails asking for some information, which she knows with certainty she stored in the upper right-hand corner of the desktop just under the cloud with the golden lining.

Searching for keywords only brings up a different project with closely related keywords.

She goes quietly bald tearing her hair out. So, keep your hair on, use the computer to your advantage and give projects a unique name and even a number in a new folder.

Construction Project Log Book

Date all your documents when you save them and include the unique name or number. Put in as much information as you can.

Be Consistent It may sound excessive but keeping your logbook naming and filing system consistent is also really helpful. For example, always start with the date in the same format, or use a consistent order of conditions used in your protocols e.

Top Tips to Keeping Your Logbook in Shipshape

You can even create a template and use that every time. Add the little things like percentage agarose for the gel and how much sample was loaded. Write a Conclusion At the end of the experiment, when you have recorded your results, write a summary statement as to what they mean. Daily reports contain field notes and documented activities that are crucial in the event of a contractual and legal dispute.

Construction Project Log Book

They also maintain a productive communication link in the form of transparency with the management team. Daily Reports must be accurate and the only way to ensure this is by collecting jobsite activities as they occur. If dailies are not a project requirement, I would highly recommend every contractor makes it a standard practice. The date the report is written and being submitted 2.

ISBN 13: 9781557014252

Weather conditions rain, temperature, wind speed, etc. Work performed and status complete, in-progress, deferred 6.

Inventory Checklist — Major material received on time or late and quantities 8. Incidents that occurred — Safety and environmental, name of employee and specific details take photos Notes and Comments — Any other relevant information related to project Every project and client is unique in many aspects, but if the client requires a daily report to be submitted in a format that is missing the above critical data, it is your responsibility to recommend changes and point out that their format is insufficient for proper documentation.


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