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    ANALYSIS OF GATE Electrical Engineering Network Solution Methodology. Sinusoidal Measurement of Basic Electrical Quantities Measurement of. GATE Examination Solved Question Papers (Previous Years) GATE Papers with Answer Keys free download last 5 year Gate Solved Paper. Communication Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Ecology and Evolution pdf-download-icon · · pdf-download-icon. · pdf-download-icon · · pdf-download-icon . from Made Easy, Arihant, Pearson, GKP gate exam solved question paper download pdf. , GateForum, Download. , GateForum, Download GATE Question Paper with Answer Key | Analysis | Solution →.

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    Gate 2013 Solution For Ee Pdf

    GATE EE Electrical Engineering Question Paper Answers Solution Free Download PDF Engineering Question with Answer keys. pdf GATE Electrical Engineering Question paper SET (Size: KB i need complet solution of gate solved paper. Find. GATE Answer keys for EE - Electrical Engineering. Engineering Question Paper Answers Solution Free Download PDF

    GATE 3 Comments. Below table has GATE Electrical Engineering previous year question papers for last 29 years from in free pdf format. Products from site. INR Tags Electrical Engineering Papers. For Whole subject in one book there are many books available in market but those are not of much use. It is like you are preparing GATE exam using just a single book. That single book would be only useful if you have prepared all subjects mentioned in the GATE syllabus very well other wise single book would not help you much for GATE exam preparation.

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    No notes for slide. Ee gate'paper 1. Which of the following options is the closest in meaning to the phrase underlined in the sentence below? It is fascinating to see life forms cope with varied environmental conditions. Choose the most appropriate word from the options given below to complete the following sentence. What did the minister convey by the statement?

    D Exp: The Palghat Gap or Palakkad Gap , a region about 30 km wide in the southern part of the Western Ghats in India, is lower than the hilly terrain to its north and south.

    The exact reasons for the formation of this gap are not clear. It results in the neighbouring regions of Tamil Nadu getting more rainfall from the South West monsoon and the neighbouring regions of Kerala having higher summer temperatures. What can be inferred from this passage? Geneticists say that they are very close to confirming the genetic roots of psychiatric illnesses such as depression and schizophrenia, and consequently, that doctors will be able to eradicate these diseases through early identification and gene therapy.

    On which of the following assumptions does the statement above rely? A Strategies are now available for eliminating psychiatric illnesses B Certain psychiatric illnesses have a genetic basis C All human diseases can be traced back to genes and how they are expressed D In the future, genetics will become the only relevant field for identifying psychiatric illnesses Answer: In a survey, respondents were asked whether they own a vehicle or not.

    If yes, they were further asked to mention whether they own a car or scooter or both. Their responses are tabulated below. What percent of respondents do not own a scooter?

    When a point inside of a tetrahedron a solid with four triangular surfaces is connected by straight lines to its corners, how many new internal planes are created with these lines? Given a system of equations: A The system has a unique solution for any given 1 2 b and b B The system will have infinitely many solutions for any given 1 2 b and b C Whether or not a solution exists depends on the given 1 2 b and b D The system would have no solution for any values of 1 2 b and b Answer: B Exp: A Exp: C Exp: Let S be the set of points in the complex plane corresponding to the unit circle.

    The three circuit elements shown in the figure are part of an electric circuit. Which of the following graphs shown in the options approximates the voltage s v across the current source over the next few seconds?

    Under steady state, When switch is opened: Let z t be convolution of x t and y t. Which one of the following statements is TRUE? For a periodic square wave, which one of the following statements is TRUE? A The Fourier series coefficients do not exist B The Fourier series coefficients exist but the reconstruction converges at no point C The Fourier series coefficients exist and the reconstruction converges at most points. D The Fourier series coefficients exist and the reconstruction converges at every point Answer: An 8—pole, 3—phase, 50 Hz induction motor is operating at a speed of rpm.

    GATE Previous Year Question Papers with solutions for Electrical EE

    If the equivalent Radius of the core of a transformer is reduced by half then the reluctance of the core becomes double. Then flux remains same. A star connected V, 50Hz, 4 pole synchronous machine gave the following open circuit and short circuit test results: Open circuit test: Given, O.

    C test: The undesirable property of an electrical insulating material is A High dielectric strength B High relative permittivity C High thermal conductivity D High insulation resistivity Answer: Three—phase to ground fault takes place at locations 1 2 F and F in the system shown in the figure If the fault takes place at location 1 F , then the voltage and the current at bus A are F1 F1 V and I respectively.

    It is like a generator delivering power to Bus A When fault takes place at 2 2 F , F point is like load, taking power from generator. A 2—bus system and corresponding zero sequence network are shown in the figure.

    Gate Previous Year Solved Papers

    In the formation of Routh—Hurwitz array for a polynomial, all the elements of a row have zero values. This premature termination of the array indicates the presence of A Only one root at the origin B Imaginary roots C Only positive real roots D Only negative real roots Answer: If all elements of a row have zero values.

    Which leads to auxiliary equation formation and roots of auxiliary equations gives imaginary roots. Power consumed by a balanced 3—phase, 3—wire load is measured by the two wattmeter method. The first wattmeter reads twice that of the second.

    When load impedance is 6 wattmeter. A cascade of three identical modulo—5 counters has an overall modulus of A 5 B 25 C D Answer: When more than one modulus counter is cascaded then their overall modulus will be product of modulus of each individual.

    The magnitude of the mid—band voltage gain of the circuit shown in figure is assuming fe h of the transistor to be A 1 B 10 C 20 D Answer: The figure shows the circuit of a rectifier fed from a —V rms , 50—Hz sinusoidal voltage source. Figure shows four electronic switches i , ii , iii and iv.

    Switch i blocks the voltage in only forward direction Switch ii blocks the voltage in both forward and reverse directions Switch iii blocks voltage in both direction Switch iv blocks voltage in only forward direction Hence Ans.

    Let g: That is, it is the largest integer which is less than or equal to x. A fair coin is tossed n times.

    There are a total of 65 questions carrying marks. All these questions are of objective type. Each question has only one correct answer. For each question darken the bubble of the correct answer. More than one answer bubbled against a question will be treated as an incorrect response.

    GATE Electrical Engineering EE solved paper

    Since bubbles darkened by the black ink ballpoint pen cannot be erased, candidates should darken the bubbles in the ORS very carefully. Questions Q. The 2 marks questions include two pairs of common data questions and two pairs of linked answer questions.

    The answer to the second question of the linked answer questions depends on the answer to the first question of the pair.

    If the first question in the linked pair is wrongly answered or is not attempted, then the answer to the second question in the pair will not be evaluated. For all 1 mark questions, mark will be deducted for each wrong answer.